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The time has come to end the era of Codehaus.

All Codehaus services will be terminated progressively until May 31st 2015

With increasing diversity in opensource hosting platforms like Github and Bitbucket - who are meeting the needs of 1000s of projects - it makes sense to end the opensource hosting services of Codehaus.

Codehaus has operated at a loss for several years now (we're not powered by venture capital), and can not compete with the army of developers and integrated product offerings that are now commonplace.

The platform was to be terminated at the end of February 2015, however SonarQube has graciously offered to sponsor Codehaus for a few months to aid in the transition.


SonarQube offers commercial support, upgrades and packaging for their opensource software analysis tools - you should check them out and see if they can help improve the quality and delivery of your software

But where will we go?

The obvious answer is to migrate your data to Github / Bitbucket.  There are also hosted versions of JIRA / Confluence or their competitors that can be used.

DNS: We will supply Route53 hosting and an http(s) redirector for the domains for at least the next 12 months to keep redirects operating.
Maven: All repositories are mirrored into Central, and our Nexus is hosted by Sonatype
Distributions: Will all be taken off line - we may be able to migrate everything to (TBA)
Source Code: Will all be migrated to Github - SVN repos will be migrated to Git and transferred into the "codehaus" Github account. This is a readonly account. Inactive projects may be migrated ahead of the shutdown.
Mailing Lists: All archived in Nabble and Markmail
Bamboo: We have a free Jenkins available at CloudBees - - we can grant access to this system as required.
JIRA: Projects should migrate their issues to another JIRA using the CSV export features of JIRA - it will not be possible to do a bulk migration for security and privacy reasons (due to how the user model works).
Confluence: We will look to Atlasssian to see if they can host a cut down replica of Confluence.
Unity: will be taken offline
Support during the shutdown
Support requests should be raised in JIRA - - if you can't access your account then email

Why don't you sell it / give it away?

There is very limited traction, and no backup support staff to handle migration.

There is also intellectual property in the management platform behind Codehaus that won't be released.


Projects and services will be progressively taken offline from April 2nd 2015 onwards.  Inactive projects will be migrated first, followed by active projects that are ready to migrate early.

This timeline will be updated with more detail at the end of February 2015.

Most projects and services will be terminated around May 17th 2015 unless otherwise agreed.